Brendan Grace’s wife Eileen opens up about the moment they discovered Brendan’s illness was terminal

Brendan Grace’s wife Eileen has opened up about the heartbreaking moment when they learned that Brendan’s cancer diagnosis was terminal. Brendan sadly passed away in 2019 at the age of 68.

Speaking about the moment, Eileen shared: “Brendan was sitting at the side of the bed. He just got into the bed and he kind of went into the foetal position.

“I could hear his breathing change. It was panicked,” she revealed to the Irish Independent, before explaining how she and their daughter Amanda tried to comfort Brendan but he just wanted to be left alone.

Returning after a few minutes, Elieen said that when she came back into the room there was “sadness and grief in his eyes”.

“The three of us hugged and cried and said we will get through this.

“He was thinking of all of us. ‘How is Eileen going to cope? What about the kids?’ But that evening, it’s like he settled it with God himself.”, she added.

“You could see it. He handed it all over.

“He sat up and said, ‘Well this is what it is – it’s out of my hands now. But the time that I have here, I’m going to enjoy it.”

Eileen and Brendan married in 1973 and had four children together.


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