Bono and Larry Mullen ordered to pay €1.7 million to concert promotor

The drummer and singer claimed they weren't paid properly for three shows in 1998.

They won’t be happy about this!

Bono and Larry Mullen have been ordered to pay €1.7 million to a Brazilian concert promotor.

The U2 band members incorrectly accused Franco Bruni for not paying them properly for three gigs they played in 1998.

According to the Irish Sun, the case was brought to court and a Brazilian judge ruled against the musicians, because of an interview Larry gave in 2000, where he claimed they had not been paid what they were due for the concerts.

However, three days later a U2 spokesperson said that Larry was “mistaken” and Franco had in fact paid U2 the correct amount.

A civil lawsuit was launched in 2003 and the the judge has decided on a ruling that results in Bono and Larry paying €1.7 million.

He won't be happy about this!
He won’t be happy about this!

In his ruling, Judge Joel Figueira wrote, “Given the extent of the damage suffered by the plaintiff, the socio-economic situation and the level of responsibility of those involved, the value of the damages imposed must be increased to R$1.5million (€440,000), which with interest added and adjusted from the date of first sentence, reaches approximately R$6million (€1.7million).”


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