Bonnie Ryan opens up about her move to America

Bonnie Ryan pictured at the Platinum VIP Style Awards 2023 at the Dublin Royal Convention Centre in Golden Lane, Dublin. Picture: Brian McEvoy

Bonnie Ryan is one busy lady! After deciding to make 2023 her year of travel, the makeup artist has been jetting about. But her biggest adventure has to be her move across the Atlantic.

The Dublin native hasn’t said goodbye to Irish shores yet, as she is current splitting her time at home and at a base across the pond.

Speaking to us at  The Platinum VIP Style Awards 2023, Bonnie explained: “So I am kind of a little bit split between two right at the moment – so I’m a little bit in Ireland, a little bit in America. Which I’m not going to lie, its glorious!”

“It’s very nice to go outside and there are blue skies but I’ve been home for quite a while now, so kind of hit the ground running as soon as I got back. In all my meetings, we’ve had shoots, very busy since I’ve been home and this is the main thing I was looking forward to, I was living for tonight!”

When it comes to her latest adventure, the influencer is loving, as she said: “Its exciting, its a fun year, I knew I wanted to do a lot of travel this year, so I just thought, ‘Why not!'”


As are fans, who have been keeping up with her travels through social media.

Since her start in the influencing world, Bonnie has been a major success, sharing makeup lessons, style inspo, and lifestyle tips. However, there is also plenty Bonnie keeps private, not sharing her husband’s face, and other personal details.

When it comes to sharing her life online, Bonnie explained: “I get that its what comes with the territory of what I do. I have an online presence, I do share a lot of my life online, and I think for me, its just kind of trying to balance – like how much can I give of myself online but while keeping just a little bit, that’s a bit private.”

“I totally get it, because I follow people and I’m like ‘I’m dying to know what they’re doing, I want to see this in their house or I want to see that. Or I want to know what they’re using for products’ or whatever it might be. I totally get the interest.”

“I think I also have to appreciate it because they’re the people that have supported me and followed me for so long, so I get that people want to know what’s happening in my life. So its just a little bit of a balancing act, trying to figure out how you can make everybody happy, how to make your followers happy, make them a part of your little click online, but also having a little bit of a normal life that you keep for yourself as well.”


The influencer is just after celebrating her one-year wedding anniversary, after tying the knot in a lavished Italy wedding last year.

Looking back on her first year of married life Bonnie described it as “absolute bliss!”

“I know some people will be like shut up but do you know what, its been absolutely amazing. We’ve been together for 15 years, so there’s not a major difference in being married and not being married for us.”

“We live together, our whole lives are intertwined with each other, and his family is my family, and vice versa. But after 15 years, its really nice just to be able to go ‘oh this is my husband’ its just one thing that’s like a new little thing that’s really nice,” she explained.

The makeup artist also teased a new business venture on the red carpet. When asked about her favourite beauty products, Bonnie kept coy, saying: “I’m going to say come back to me before Christmas and I’ll let you know, and she’ll leave you with a winking face!”

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