Baby number three is on the cards for Lucy Kennedy

The presenter already has two children, Jack and Holly, but wants more.

Lucy is looking forward to baby number three
Lucy is looking forward to baby number three

Lucy Kennedy has admitted she would love to have another baby, but only when the time is right.

She hinted about wanting to add to the Kennedy clan on a recent Mummypages.ie blog post.

At the time she posted the blog, Lucy was very broody, but apparently it depends on what day of it the week it is, as to whether she wants more kids.

“Yesterday I felt broody, last night I didn’t get a decent kip so today I am not. I am undecided. We are lucky, we have two happy, healthy children but we will think about it in September,” she said to the Irish Mirror.

She's busy at the moment, but would consider it in the near future
She’s busy at the moment, but would consider it in the near future

Lucy will make the choice in September, as that’s when the final decision on a number of shows for TV3 will be decided, and Lucy can see if she’ll have the time to look after another baby.

“I am going to enjoy my summer and drink lots of wine, then start thinking about these things in a few months. Two children these days is a lot and it’s enough,” she said.

Maybe she should have had this chat with her husband before posting about it online
She has her hands full already, but could juggle more if needs be

Lucy admitted that while the news came as a shock to a number of people, nobody was as surprised as her husband.

“Rich finds the whole thing funny. I am a very honest and open person, and he is extremely private. Even though we’ve been together for 16 years, I can still say things that shock him. He hadn’t read that I wanted another baby. It was only when he was out with the lads and one of them asked him if he should be at home making another baby that he found out,” she said.

We look forward to hearing the final news of baby number three in September!

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