Apprentice star Dillon St. Paul reveals the show’s biggest secret

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Dillon also starred in the show!
Dillon starred in the 12th season of the show!

Former Apprentice star Dillon St. Paul has revealed some of the show’s most shocking secrets.

The Irishman was a contestant on season twelve on the show in 2016.

Having lasted about two months in the competition, Dillion is now an expert on the process and have revealed some interesting insights.

One thing the art director pointed out was that the choices made by the contestants may not be as ridiculous as they seem.

Often, they are given a few options and must pick from the choices they are given by show producers.


In one episode last season, Dillon arranged Mermaids as part of the entertainment, the star explained that this may not have been as random as it seemed.

“You might think some of the choices the candidates make are idiotic, but you are limited by what you can choose,” he explained to our sister mag TV Now.

“You might have to organise an event and you choose Mermaids for the entertainment – but what you don’t see at home is that the dossier states you can only choose Mermaids or Monkeys.

“The production team need to keep things entertaining, sometimes at the expense of the candidates’ reputation. A lot of candidates would stress, but I just enjoyed it and didn’t take it too seriously I think that’s why I lasted so long.”

He also revealed that every little decision that the candidates make but be clearly stated to Lord Sugar’s aide’s Claude or Karren.

“The Dossier is the Apprentice’s BEST kept secret – a black ataché case with all your deadlines and the task rules in it… Everything you do has to be ‘declared’ to Karren or Claude by a certain time.

“So if you choose to make your logo yellow, you have to stop and say “Claude we declare the colour is yellow.” If you don’t, you can fail the task or your logo could come back black.”

Dillon revealed his top ten Apprentice secrets in this week’s issue of TV Now Magazine, on shelves now.

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