Apparently the rest of the world has been mispronouncing Cillian Murphy’s name

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Cillian Murphy is one of Ireland’s biggest and brightest stars as he skyrocketed to fame in the last number of years thanks to a number of successful tv and film projects.

The Douglas born actor reached International fame as a result of hit BBC tv show Peaky Blinders. However it doesn’t seem to matter how famous he gets, international fans still manage to butcher his Irish name – Saoirse Ronan knows the feeling!

We can thank Margot Robbie for the latest round of international fans’ shock at the pronunciation of the Irish name. During the press tour for Barbie, Margot Robbie was recorded mentioning our Cork man.

She shocked many when she called him Cillian (pronounced correctly) causing a stream of fans to jump into the comments section revealing they had been pronouncing the actor’s name Sillian.


The name Cillian apparently comes from a saint and to refer to holiness. It’s composed of ‘cill’, the Irish word for church or churchyard, while the ‘ian’ part is thought to come from the pet suffix ‘ín’ to denote youth or littleness.

Many took to Twitter to revel in the pronunciation shock.

Thank you Margot for your services, the Irish are forever grateful to you.



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