“Another account set up to send me hate…” Pippa O’Connor calls out social media trolls

Pippa O’Connor has shared her annoyance after receiving a number of messages from a social media troll.

The person hit out at Pippa over lockdown restrictions, as well as questioning whether or not she’s had any cosmetic work done, and asking her to recommend a doctor.

“Yet another account set up just to send me utter sh*te and hate,” she said alongside a screenshot of the messages.

“I don’t even bat an eyelid anymore, I laugh, but #BeKind lasted all of two seconds. When will Instagram stop troll accounts?” she asked.

The businesswoman previously revealed she could “nearly write a book” about the “mad and inappropriate” comments she receives.

While she gets some hate online, Pippa admits the majority of her followers are not like this; “I am very lucky, 99% of people are so lovely.”

Over the last few months, Pippa has made a conscious decision to share less of her boys Louis and Ollie online, in a bid to protect their privacy and keep them safe.

Pic: Brian McEvoy

Speaking to Stellar Magazine, Pippa said, “With Ollie, he might say ‘Oh someone said they saw me other day, where did they see me?’

“He’s confused by it and I think that’s unfair of me to put things up that he doesn’t know about and then for other kids to talk to him about it because they’ve seen it on their mum’s phone.”

She continued, “I don’t really know if that’s right, I don’t really have his consent to do that. I think I’ve just naturally held back a little with Ollie as he’s gotten older.

“Nothing happened, there was no prevalent moment. Over time, I just thought I’d pull back on that a little bit.”


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