Anna Nolan stands up to homophobic hecklers on the streets of Dublin

She confronted a group of young men.

They probably won't be shouting abuse at anyone else in a hurry
They probably won’t be shouting abuse at anyone else in a hurry

Anna Nolan has stood up to homophobic hecklers in Dublin, after they began to shout abuse at her on the streets.

The RTE star was walking home alone, when a group of young men began shouting vile comments at her.

Speaking to The Herald, Anna said, “I was walking home alone and four lads, aged about 14 or 15, started shouting at me.

“I decided I wasn’t going to stand for it. I wasn’t in the mood and I didn’t feel threatened so I knew that I was safe enough to confront them.

“I asked them why they would try to intimidate a woman like that and how would they feel if lads did that to their sister or mother?”

Anna and Panti for the 'Text Love' campaign last year
Anna and Panti for the ‘Text Love’ campaign last year

Despite trying to walk away, the moment she turned her back, the petty young men continued their abuse. Anna confronted them yet again, proving she’s not to be messed with and that she wouldn’t stand for their unacceptable behaviour.

She said, “When I went to walk away, they started shouting more abuse at me. I just kept going back, I went back and kept asking them why they would do this.

“I said to them, ‘You are making me feel nervous and uncomfortable and a little frightened. I wanted them to know this is not acceptable behaviour.

“I was focusing on the ringleader because he kept shouting every time I turned around.

Anna hits back
Anna hits back

“I said to the other boys, ‘Why are you hanging around with this idiot?’ After four or five times, I think I got my message across and felt enlightened.

“So many women just put their heads down and don’t say anything when lads are shouting at them, and it’s so unfair.”

Hopefully those young men have finally learned their lesson!

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