Anna Geary shares her top tips for staying active during lockdown


With so many of us at home at the moment, we are more than likely not moving quite as much as we normally do. We are not only missing the gym, but also lacking in motivation!

We caught up with presenter and fitness fanatic, Anna Geary to find out how she’s keeping herself motivated and active whilst in lockdown.

It’s quite hard to keep up a fitness routine at the moment with everyone stuck at home, what do you do to stay motivated?
When it comes to working out, motivation can’t be at its highest every day. So on those days, I focus on simply moving in any way I can. A walk, yoga, a run, a simple workout. On those days be kind to yourself and lower your expectations. Tell yourself you only have to do 15 minutes. It’s more appealing and achievable. Once you start, (that’s the hardest step overcome) you may just extend by a few minutes.

Building exercise into your routine is the easiest way to do it regularly. On Sunday evenings plan out what days of the week you will exercise and at what specific time. That way the system you have in place will  override motivation (or lack there of).

If you don’t have any workout equipment at home, is there anything you can use as an alternative?
Remember your body is a weight and you can do a great workout using just bodyweight. Push ups, squats, high knees, jumping jacks, burpees, sit ups, lunges are all excellent to incorporate into a workout. Create a little circuit and feel the endorphins kick in.


What workouts would you suggest that require zero equipment?
Going for a brisk walk, a jog, yoga, pilates or a HIIT ( high intensity interval training) are all great ways to exercise without weights. As a qualified PT, I regularly post simple workouts, for all levels, on my Instagram page @annagcork. The most important thing to remember is movement is crucial for our minds as well as our bodies. Exercises helps to boost our mood and energy levels, aids concentration, gets our blood pumping and improves our sleep.

This is a great time to maybe try some different workouts, is there any you would recommend?
Don’t be afraid to try new things. Whether that is learning to do a cartwheel or improving your press ups (like me). Maybe it’s tackling some simple yoga poses or working on your core strength. But don’t put pressure on yourself to try new things either. Familiarity at a time like this can have a soothing effect. So if you want to keep on going with a version of your existing regime that completely ok too. Don’t compare your workouts to other people.


What is your favourite post-workout meal that is easy to make at home?
After working out I cook something simple and quick. I try to eat within a 90 window, especially if it’s been a high intensity workout. I love something like scrambled eggs on brown soda bread.

Make sure to include carbohydrates (to replenish your energy stores) and protein (for muscle recovery) in your post workout meal.

Any tips for fitting in exercising for someone with kids?
Trying to workout at home with your kids around can be challenging so invite them to join in. It’s the best way to educate kids about the importance of exercise. It will show them that exercise can fun and enjoyable. We need to dispel the negative connotations around exercise. It should not be something you dread. Dancing around your house with your kids is a great type of exercise too.

Fit your exercise in around your schedule. Maybe your home/work circumstances doesn’t allow you to take 30-60 minutes to exercise during the day.⁣⁣⁣ That’s ok. I created a concept called ‘Strive for 5’ a and this simple challenge will make it easy and realistic to do exercise in ⁣⁣⁣blocks, 5 exercises, for five minutes, for five days.

Choose 3 different times throughout each day to do the 5 minute block of exercise. And before you know that’s 15 minutes of exercise done daily, with all the benefits. Build it up to 5 times a day if you can.

Switch your focus 

In the current climate it’s better to not focus on exercise as something for fat loss, but instead put the emphasis on improving wellbeing, increasing energy and boosting your mood. It can take the pressure away from exercise as a result, and it won’t feel like a thing “you have to do”.

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