Anna Geary shares her reasons why she stopped drinking during lockdown

Pic: Emily Quinn

Camogie star, Anna Geary has shared that she quit drinking during lockdown. This is pretty admirable, as for most of us we found we were perhaps drinking a little more than usual whilst stuck at home.

Sharing her reasons why with Evoke.ie, Anna said; “One of the things I made a very conscious decision to do at the beginning of lockdown was I decided, pick your poison.”

“I know I do love my food so I knew ultimately spending more time at home with less to do meant I would be eating more and so I made a decision not to drink, so I didn’t.”


As a coach on Ireland’s Fittest Family Anna is already an advocate for a healthy lifestyle, but during the Covid-19 pandemic she shared; “I didn’t have a drop of alcohol during lockdown.”

“I didn’t know emotionally where I was going to be during lockdown or how I was going to feel with whatever happened and we all know the day after alcohol we can have the fear, so I just didn’t want to feel like that.”

“I wanted to feel fresh so it was just a small thing that I did but for me, it worked and I felt a lot better for it.”

Pic: Emily Quinn for VIP Magazine

Anna shared that she’s aways had a healthy mindset towards alcohol; “I think I’ve always been mindful of alcohol growing up so I think I’ve always had a real healthy attitude, thankfully, towards it.”

“It’s not that I don’t drink, don’t get me wrong, when I was on my hen last year, it was a great weekend and we’ve a lot of censored memories from it.”

“I’m just kind of a less is more person, I prefer to really look forward to the occasion rather than it becoming something I do out of habit or like that’s just what we do every weekend.”

“That’s never really been my mentality of it.”

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