Anna Daly chats to us about her new role as a brand ambassador and how she juggles her health and wellbeing with a busy lifestyle

Anna Daly

It’s been a busy few of years for Anna Daly as she set up her own business, set off for greener pastures after leaving Ireland AM, and has most recently been named as a brand ambassador for leading Irish vitamin and supplement brand AYA.

With all of this on the go, as well as being a busy mum-of-three, you can imagine that keeping on top of her health and wellbeing is always a priority for Anna,  especially as our calendars and after work activities begin to fill up again!

We spoke to Anna about the many ways she chooses to look after both her own health and wellness, as well as the rest of her family.

Anna Daly

As a busy Mam, and business owner do you find it difficult juggling it all especially when it comes to your health and wellbeing?
My husband is juggling more this week! It’s important to say that because when you see a busy Mum who’s doing lots there’s normally a very supportive someone behind them making things work at home whilst getting on with their own work too. So thanks to Ben (and my sister in law Laura!) I’m in Porto this week looking at new trends and designs for my Little Bliss brand. You can hardly call it work – I love it all, from the textures and textiles to the creative process.

I don’t feel pressure switching from one role to the next, whether it’s being Mum at home (the hardest role of all!) to television work to my own brand – I’m lucky that I’ve concentrated on stuff I love so most of the time it doesn’t feel like hard graft! But it’s all about the support you have around you to facilitate it. God bless family!!

Anna Daly

You run your own business, so is it important to you to support an Irish company like AYA?
Yes, hugely important. We’ve all become more mindful of shopping local especially since early lockdown, when we realised the importance of supporting jobs in our local towns and villages around the country and when we saw the devastation of much loved businesses and local restaurants closing their doors never to reopen again. So yes, working with brands it’s especially lovely that this is very much an Irish success story and you know when you buy an AYA product that you’re supporting all the Irish staff behind the brand but also the staff in pharmacies around the country who are selling it.

Movements like Guaranteed Irish and Champion Green have been brilliant for driving home that importance.

AYA have supplements for the whole family, is it essential for you to support your entire family’s immunity in this way?
I started taking the AYA Ultimate One a Day for myself a good while ago, then I moved onto giving the kids the Crunchy Multi-vitamins and they started to look on them like a treat! Then I passed some on to my parents so it just shows there’s something there for the whole family and I think in these crazy times we’re living through, we’re all trying to do our best and stay as healthy as we can whilst supporting an Irish brand.

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