Amy Huberman posts hilarious birthday tribute to brother Mark

Pic: Instagram/Amy Huberman

Amy Huberman never shy’s away from not only making fun of herself but of the people she loves too, and we absolutely can’t get enough of it!

Most recently, Amy decided to shout out her big brother on Instagram for his birthday, but rather it being a lovey-dovey post, the actress decided to reminisce on old antics the pair got up to while they were younger.

“Happy birthday to my big bro and OG best pal,” Amy began her post.

“Literally thought we were twins until I figured out there was 20 months between us because I’ve always been a complete natural maths genius.”

Pic: Instagram/Amy Huberman

Amy then proceed to recall a specific memory from their childhood, when her brother decided to tell on his sister.

“Only time he’s ever ratted on me was when we were taking out the bins when we were kids and we were annoying the sh*t out of each other.

“I gave him the two fingers and he told Mum and I had 0.5 seconds to come up with the fact that actually, I was giving myself the peace sign to stay calm and not start a row with him,” she added.

“Which didn’t work out great for him. Sorry Marge but happy birthday YAY!”

Pic: Instagram/Amy Huberman

Amy then concluded her post with an inside joke, saying: “I was gonna say ‘remember that time we got the sibway?’ but then I thought, no, don’t say that, that’s a daft pun.”

Friends and followers alike, rushed to the comment section to express their love and laughter with one fan writing: “Bahahahahaha!! Brilliant save.”

While Miriam O’Callaghan commented: “Gorgeous photo, beautiful siblings.”

Happy Birthday, Mark!

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