Amy Huberman opens up about her grief following her father Harold’s tragic death


Amy Huberman is opening up about losing her father Harold, following his tragic death in May of this year.

Speaking to Ray D’Arcy on RTÉ Radio One, the actresses admitted her grief was coming in waves.

Saying; “We all really miss him, there’s good days and bad days,”

“People talk about a wave of emotion and I can definitely identify with that and it can sometimes just knock you off your feet.”


Remembering the good times, Amy shared how her dad kept his sense of humour even when he was struggling with Parkinson’s disease.

Explaining; “He was always slagging, good-humoured slagging, even though he was very unhealthy, he was a hypochondriac, but he was always able to slag himself!”

“Even in the hospice, he would slag the nurses in a really good-humoured way. And the amount of messages I’ve gotten in the last while from people saying ‘I looked after your dad, he was the funniest person on the ward.'”

“You’d ask my dad ‘How are you’ and he’d say to mind your own business. Any time you left the house to go anywhere he’d say ‘Bring me back a parrot.’ Even though he wasn’t well for the last number of years, he always had a smile on his face. You couldn’t get away with anything.”


Opening up, she confessed that even though her dad had been ill, it didn’t mean she was ready to lose him.

“My dad was sick for so long, he was 84. But you’re never really ready to say goodbye to the people that you love. Maybe it’s the denial part of grief but even in the last few days I was like ‘I think he’s going to pull through!’” Amy shared.

“I miss him so much. But I think he has instilled that sense of positivity and any time I do feel sad I think of him slagging me about it.”

The mum of three also revealed how her youngest son Ted was a big comfort to Harold, while he was sick.

“Ted was a real lifeline for dad. It was (for everyone) bleak days and even though I had the distraction of Ted and it was so lovely to have him to look forward to, that was my daily routine, going to see dad with Ted.”

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